Board Information Policies & Procedures

BD-001 Board Fundraising Policy
BD-002 Board Self-Assessment Policy
BD-003 Cash and Investment Policy
BD-005 Line of Credit Access Policy
BD-007 Succession Plan Executive Director BWDH

Employee Policies & Procedures

EA – Administrative

EA-001 Bonus Policy
EA-002 Corporate Compliance
EA-003 Exceptions to Program and Personnel Policies
EA-004 Human Rights
EA-005 Information Security
EA-006 Monitoring and Compliance
EA-007 No Solicitation
EA-008 Personnel Records
EA-009 Policy Development and Review
EA-010 Professional Liability Insurance
EA-011 Record Retention
EA-012 Social Security Number Privacy
EA-013 Wage and Salary Schedules

EB – Facilities

EB-001 Corporate Vehicle
EB-002 Personal Vehicle Use
EB-003 Smoking Policy
EB-004 Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal
EB-005 Infectious-Biohazard Waste Management

EC – Fiscal Management

EC-001 Credit Debit Card
EC-002 Funding Request
EC-003 Reimbursement for Damaged Items
EC-004 Travel and Business Expenses

ED – Human Resources

ED-001 Background Checks
ED-002 Breaks for Nursing Mothers
ED-003 Children at Work
ED-004 Communicable Disease
ED-005 Compensatory Time
ED-006 Contractual Employees
ED-007 Disciplinary Actions
ED-008 Dress Code Policy
ED-009 Driver Record Checks
ED-010 Drug Testing Procedure
ED-011 Employee Assistance Program
ED-012 Employee Manual Policy
ED-013 Employment of Relatives
ED-014 Exit Interview
ED-015 Grievance
ED-016 Hiring
ED-017 Holidays
ED-018 Hours of Work – Schedule Change
ED-019 Job Postings
ED-020 Jury Duty
ED-022 Medical Examinations
ED-023 Orientation
ED-025 Overtime
ED-026 Paid Holidays
ED-027 Payroll
ED-028 Performance Evaluations
ED-030 Promotions Transfers
ED-031 Resignations Termination
ED-032 Returning Employees
ED-033 Sensitive and Non-Public Information
ED-034 Service Hour Tracking
ED-035 Harassment Sexual and Other
ED-036 Sick Leave
ED-038 Staff Lay-Offs
ED-039 Staff to Resident Ratio
ED-040 Succession Planning
ED-041 Tuition Assistance
ED-042 Unpaid Leave of Absence
ED-043 Unprofessional Conduct Ethical Behavior
ED-044 Vacation Policy
ED-045 Volunteer Policy
ED-046 Work Related Injury
ED-047 Work Schedule

EE – Information Management

EE-001 Electronic Time Keeping
EE-002 Personal Electronic Devices
EE-003 Social Media and Email
EE-004 Technology
EE-005 Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy

EF – Insurance

EF-001 Life Insurance
EF-002 Medical and Dental Insurance

EG – Training

EG-001 Conference and Workshops
EG-002 Emergency Procedures – Health and Safety
EG-003 On Going Development

Individuals Supported Policies & Procedures

IA – Financials

IA-001 Individuals Supported Fee Refund
IA-002 Individuals Supported Funds
IA-003 Medical Reimbursement Process
IA-004 Petty Cash

IB – Confidentiality

IB-001 Confidentiality HIV and AIDS
IB-002 Individual Supported Records
IB-003 Release of Information

IC – Individual Supported

IC-001 Control and Discipline
IC-002 Cultural Diversity
IC-003 Grievance
IC-004 Incident Report
IC-005 Individual Plan of Service
IC-006 Personal Property
IC-007 Photographing
IC-008 Spiritual Practices
IC-010 Telephone and Mail
IC-011 Treatment by Spiritual Means

ID – Discharge and Placement

ID-001 Discharge
ID-002 Placement

IE – Emergency Procedures

IE-001 Bomb Threat
IE-002 Death
IE-003 Fire Drills
IE-004 Tornado Plan
IE-005 Wandering and Elopement

IF – Medical

IF-001 Medication Administration
IF-002 Medication Count
IF-003 Medical Treatment

IF – Rights

IG-001 Human Rights
IG-002 Individual Supported Rights
IG-003 Suspected Abuse or Neglect